Monday, August 31, 2015


Enrich your knowledge bank with this crossword puzzle on Science and Technology


1. These bright & energy-saving white light sources won them a Nobel Prize (4,4)
5. Largest transporter protein family utilizing ATP; associated with chemoresistance in cancer (3)
7. Mutations in this mitochondrial protein can cause hereditary spastic paraplegia (4)
8. This ‘intergenic’ region gives E. coli resistance to beta lactamases (3)
9. Crucial for environmental monitoring, map making and meteorology (Acr.) (3)
11. ATP + AMP 2ADP – This gene is essentially expressed here (2)
13. Second most traded currency in the world (3)
14. Automatic Image Segmentation algorithms used in MRI; especially to localize cancers (5)
15. RNA quality control autoantigen (2)
16. Carbon copy (Acr.) (2)
17. Lighter OWL axiomatization of DOLCE & DnS ontologies (3)
18. ERDA can detect this of heavy ions; legally entitled in simple English (4)
19. Effective gene therapy injection technique (3)
20. Have 2 copies of Val734lle variant of ABCC9 gene? You’ll no longer need this in the morning (5)
21. Fixed the arbitrary stakes (5)
23. When French Police taps your phone, it may be just a Monday morning drill for this coordination intelligence unit. (5)
25. With axe in his head (5)
27. An allergic response can definitely raise this (Acr.) (4)
28. This Israel based computing services hold the majority of voice data in the world (4)
29. This second largest whale is a razorback (3)
30. Antibody associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sjogren’s syndrome (2)
31. WHAT __ - protein structure analysis platform for mutant prediction (2)
32. In 2000, this Act put regulations on electronic communications and surveillance (5)
33. Basic unit of information (3)
34 & 38. Y- Axis acceleration (2)
35. Blistering of skin when genes of Keratin 5/14 get mutated (Acr.) (3)
36. Contingency table of small sample size? Find the exact p- value for significance (Acr.) (3)
39. PI3K related serine threonine protein kinase mutated in Seckel Syndrome (3)
40. Poly (A) independent sequencing method to sequence both polyadenylated and non polyadenylated RNAs (8)
1. German database of enzymes (6)
2. Youngest high impact crater in Titania, the moon of Uranus (6,6)
3. Caused White Leprosy/ Black Fever in Paleotropics (10)
4 & 37. The type of borosilicate glassware used in science labs (2)
5. DNA profiling pioneer (4,8)
6. 45 tera Watt hour? They definitely need these specialized circuits for the Deuterium Uranium nuclear plants in Canada (5,2,3)
10. The first consumer targeted virtual reality head mounted display (6,4)
11. Acts with neuroregulins in Ach receptor development (4)
12. DNA, RNA and the flow of info earned this family three Nobel Prizes (8)
22. This circular plasmid makes Agrobacterium a natural genetic engineer (2)
24. This gene family is defensive against insect attacks in rice (4)
26. Method of choice for complete snapshot of all transcripts available at one precise moment in a cell (6) 

Crossword answers

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