Saturday, August 15, 2015

RGCB News: Independence Day

Every year RGCB observes the Independence Day of India with nationalism and discipline. Today, the staff and students gathered in the courtyard of the Jagathy campus of RGCB. At 8.30 in the morning, Professor M Radhakrishna Pillai, the Director of RGCB hoisted the National Tricolor Flag. With a salute to the thousands who sacrificed their lives and existence to earn us the freedom we enjoy today, ‘Jana Gana Mana’, the National Anthem was sung. Symbolizing the unity we stand for, everyone sat together for a modest breakfast at the in-house cafeteria. Dr. K Santhosh Kumar, Senior Scientist who hosted the Indian National Flag led the observance at the BIC campus. The National Anthem was sung with due respect and in proper decorum. The staff and students of BIC campus also sat down in the campus cafeteria to enjoy a breakfast together.

From the Director’s desk.
As we enter the 69th year of being free, we have a long story of ups and downs in Indian history to remember. Much water has flown under the bridge after the midnight when India was finally declared free. The day wasn’t just marking the elimination of the physical presence of a medieval colonialist governing power; it marked the beginning of the end of cultural depreciation, economic exploitation and suppression of free thoughts in Mother India. With freedom come great responsibilities. Today, we are free to express our thoughts, to practice what we preach and stand by our values without an authoritative system imposing undue restrictions on us. We have the social obligation to put our collective efforts for a better tomorrow. Not everyone can simulate a Dandi March to fight for our principles. But as model citizens of this great nation, we should not forget to do our little part. Keeping India clean, not looting public resources, paying taxes, not taking law in our hands, preserving our rich traditional art forms, respecting social justice and striving for technological and scientific self-reliance could be a good start. As Dr. Rajendra Prasad mentioned in the foreword of M K Gandhi’s India of My Dreams, “Freedom is only the means to a greater and nobler end.” Let’s all stay together, walk together, work together towards that nobler end.

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