Friday, August 21, 2015

RGCB News: Onam Celebrations and Sadbhavana Diwas

നന്മയുടെ മറ്റൊരോണം കൂടി.....

RGCB hosts the higher education and exploration platform for students and staff from across India. So we feel it is of prime priority that there should be an event to proclaim the unity in our cultural diversity. Every year we choose a day around the regional festival of Onam to celebrate harmony and creative artistic talents of RGCB. On 20th of August, the staff and students of RGCB gathered together for the festive occasion this year. An exquisite ‘Athapookkalam’ adorned the atrium of the main building welcoming everyone with vibrant colors and floral fragrance. Lighting the lamp of prosperity and good fortune, the senior personnel of the institute started off the day’s events in grandeur. The packed M R Das Convention Centre witnessed a three-hour long cultural extravaganza by the staff and students of RGCB under the commendable leadership of Dr. Ruby John Anto and the student coordinators. Professor M Radhakrishna Pillai, the Director of RGCB symbolically offered a delectable feast to Gods and invited his team to enjoy a traditional ‘Onasadya’ in the in-house cafeteria. Everyone gathered at the courtyard for an afternoon of traditional ‘Onakkalikal’ too. A memorable day of ebullience indeed.

Sadbhavana Diwas 2015

The 71st Birth Anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India was commemorated by observing Sadbhavana Diwas nationwide and at RGCB. Vowing to the very noble cause of national integrity for which this great soul existed, an oath of commitment led by Dr. Satish Mundayoor, the Dean of RGCB was taken.

“I take this solemn pledge that I will work for the emotional oneness and harmony of all the people of India regardless of caste, region, religion or language. I further pledge that I shall resolve all differences among us through dialogue and constitutional means without resorting to violence.”

From the Director’s desk.

We are quite fortunate to be born in that part of earth enriched with unparalleled natural and cultural treasures. Nevertheless, this part of earth is quite unfortunate to be enriched in a subset of people who exploit that. Onam, the occasion reminding us of our glorious past, is the best opportunity to rethink and resolve for a better tomorrow. Let the spirit of Onam be that of sterling joy, prosperity and optimism. Let not the neo modern mechanistic world change our traditions into another feigned obligatory gesture lest the fears of renowned poet Sugathakumari might come true in future not so far away. 

"എങ്കിലുമേതോ വിദൂരസ്മരണതൻ സങ്കടദീർഘമാം പാതയിലൂടവേ
പണ്ടേ മരുവായി മാറിക്കഴിഞ്ഞൊരു സങ്കേതഭൂവിൽപഴയശീലത്തിനാൽ 
കാലം മുടങ്ങാതെ വന്നു പോകും പക്ഷി ജാലങ്ങളെപ്പോലെ ആരോ നയിപ്പതാം
ഒന്നുമറിയാതെ യാന്ത്രികമായ്ത്തന്നെ വന്നുപോകുന്നതാം നീയുമെന്നോണമേ 
അല്ലാകിലെന്നേ വരാതിരുന്നേനെ നീ അല്ലിനെ സ്നേഹിക്കും എങ്ങൾതൻ നാടിതിൽ"

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